Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Well, here we are. I've created another webpage. I, a second-year student, supposedly part of the real world, have created a blog. Oh dear.

And I think that fulfils this posting's quota of paralysing self-consciousness. On with the rest.

Am presently continuing with one of my longest procrastination efforts to date. I've been playing spider solitaire and checking my email for six nights now. That's quite a lot of energy drinks.

Otherwise, have been spending much too much time with the dogs. I find that my conversation with those outside of my essay writing prison is increasingly consisting of short, sharp commands.

Perhaps I should finish the freaking essay. In the meantime, my email address is cjrya1 [at] student.monash.edu.au, and my old webpage (Summer holidays between VCE and first year) is located here.


PS. I think the timezone for this thing still needs rejigging. It's 1:47am on Tuesday the 15th of April, by my computer clock.