Wednesday, July 14, 2004


A petition is being hosted on the Triple J website to get the Pixies to include Australia in their world tour. click click click! I danced like a crazy thing while listening to their live concert from Oregon, which was broadcast on Monday night. I hear that it's being rebroadcast on Sunday at 5pm! Excellent.

(My spazzztic dance-dance-dancing to the radio reminded me of infinite thought's comment on k-punk's glastonbury post, about how "how people in music footage from the 60s (watching some fresh-faced guitar band or something)...the people dancing I mean...they're just going crazy! It's probably only pumping out at 5 decibels or something but the kids are just wigging out...they're not in the least bit bored". Oh man, was I ever wigging out last night!)

I've never really gotten into this radio thing before - it annoys me to not hear what I want to hear immediately, so I tend to prefer mp3s combined with word of mouth. But I realise now that the random thing can be fun. (And it's nice to not be a squished grape lying at the bottom of the vine. Even if most of what JJJ plays is pretty dumb - it keeps me in touch with the kids.) Attempts to grab at every song title are only in vain - I experience radio as a sort of cumulative effect.

(With repetition solidifying some notable presences, of course - the current favourites. Speaking of which - there's this Yeah Yeah Yeahs rip-off sounding band from Brisbane, called The Greats, that are - well - great. I'm trying to get a hold of their song "Trampoline" - the singer sounds so much like Karen O. (or whatever her name is) that it's silly, but it is a good song. Enough with the brackets.)

The Pixies! Woohw! Sign sign sign! Dance dance dance! Higher, higher!


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