Thursday, September 07, 2006

Work Blogging

Ooh, it looks like I can post from work after all. Well, let me begin by telling you that this morning was pain pain pain. Up at 6am after having (only 3 hours' worth of) dreams about not being able to get to sleep. But the sight of the Eureka tower almost made the agony of de-shelling myself from pyjamas worthwhile. It looked like a silvery-gold wafer against the pink and blue sky - like something out of Gattaca.

Meanwhile, I just got "thanks sweetie" from a customer after selling him the Herald Sun. Yugh.


Managed to master my most dreaded task: changing the paper in the EFTPOS machine. It is a fine art, but needs to be carried out with the speed and precision of a grand prix pit stop.


Other most hated small task: opening plastic bags. I cannot do it. I am fully aware of the customer's expectant eyes upon me as I slowly, slowly attempt to make an opening in something that clearly wants to stay closed. But I am all peace and serenity in the face of their impatience, quietly intoning to myself: 'now, let me seeee...'

Assorted amusing highlights have included:

- grappling with a parcel half as big as myself. My method of transporting it began with something approaching a clean and jerk - well, just the clean, really - after which I moved towards the back room via not so much a walk as a travelling squat.

- losing my new $50 security pass ten minutes after receiving it;

- spending time in a fridge wearing a t-shirt. (That is, I am wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt. The fridge was not.)

But I've been playing the Pet Shop Boys' Very and Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense at inappropriately loud levels, so it's not all bad. No, it's not bad at all.


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