Sunday, October 15, 2006

Work Blogging

part 3

While filling in time at work, you've really got to fight if you don't want to turn into a passive, empty-brained vessel, don't you? Customer after customer coming in: one is already in a largely reactive mode, responding to demands - but this results in more of a nervous strung-out feeling after finishing a shift. Not bloat brain.

For when there is time to be filled in, it is easiest to go the other way. To idly internet browse, to zone-out, to flick through magazines. Constant stimulation. Looking at the clock, eating another biscuit. Clicking through to another blog. Everything has to come from outside: you cannot engage yourself with the world, but must rather be engaged.

The same logic applies with at-home procrastination, of course. The short-term pleasure principle constanty satiated, devouring more, one more Youtube clip, one more article, one more check to see what's been updated since you last checked (2 minutes previously). At the end, one has under one's belt what? A big bloated brain, a big bloated belly, a sense of guilt (safely repressed) - but a brain that has as much sharpness or solidity as a soggy facewasher.

Reminding us of what, boys and girls? Well, that inertia breeds only inertia. Lying about only leads to more lying about. The less you do, the less you feel able to do anything.


Anonymous Charlotte said...


It's like you've seen into my soul!

WHY can't I just start writing this fucking thing?


11:14 pm  
Anonymous Spalice said...

I'd like to have something wise and intelligent to contribute to this discussion seeing as this is my first post on this blog. Instead, I will just add props to your recommendation of Arcade Fire, I really dig Rebellion (Lies), as feat. in the final season of 6 Feet Under.

7:44 pm  
Anonymous Spalice said...

But wait! I just thought I had something clever to add. But no, as it turns out it was just a Buffy reference. Segue from the Wikipedia entry on the Pleasure Principle that you have cited, the Prof does a nice job of explaining the ID in the episode “Beer Bad”.

7:51 pm  

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