Tuesday, June 08, 2004

i love checking out the stats on where people have come from (websites, that is) before visiting my site. at the moment, the top three searches are: "baudrillard & infomercials"; "Beyonce Barney's Pictures"; and "boob flash pictures". quality. my last webpage had a slightly stranger top term, given its content - "angelina jolie oiled fuck". i was impressed by the specifity of the request.

meanwhile, this playschool-two mums-conservative-knee-jerk-reaction shenanigan is starting to get me a little hot under the collar. particularly this one, from deputy/acting prime minister john anderson:

"this is a vew serious example of putting indulgences and the particular wheelbarrows of adults before children ... we know that from an incredibly early age children of both sexes look to mum for nurture and warmth, dad for stimulation and play."

yes, this segment on playschool will obviously confuse children about which parent is the nurturing, soft, supple, breast-parent, and which is the playful, stimulating penis-parent.

still, perhaps the stranger comment by anderson is this the one about how people who make the 'lifestyle choice' of being gay should learn to accept that they "can't have it all". without doubt - it would just be presumptuous to expect that gay people can go against the proper roles for their gender and expect representation. good god! sinful sex and acknowledgement of existence! bloody abc...


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