Monday, July 26, 2004

A clumsy waltz/bump into a current k-debate

Mark k-punk writes that "the obverse of 'there's good music every year if you look for it' is that there's never anything to get especially excited about". I think this is quite spot-on: I find myself thinking both things from time to time, so the two views seem compatible. Even so - despite sometimes finding myself thinking that 'pop music' (however the hell you want to define that) has done all it can do, that the 'new' is just variation on the old and thereby a form of 'marking time' while remaining stationary - I also experience a certain viscerality in pop - even with my Gold FM taste!

(This isn't an argument against k-punk's comments on poptimism, mind you - just a possible identification of a little query I have about my own taste and its place in the culture. And it's obviously impossible to generalise about all pop like this, but I'm expressing murkily thought-out impressions, so I feel that 'the nebulous' is an apt mode to be working in.)

Even so, I'm not quite sure about how to take the 'punk' in k-punk - that affirmation of "punk's unfair and unreasonable hatred". But I'll think more on this. (Which, as we all know, is no guarantee that I will actually post anything more on the subject... but there's always room for hope.)

In any case, I'm glad to have added to the snowball-come-avalanche that is the k-punk comment box. Good evening to you.


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