Monday, November 01, 2004

Where has Tim gone? Go on, Tim, we've all seen you lurking about the Symposiasts' comment boxes, give us a shout... I want you to post more about music that I've never heard of, so that I can again feel understudied in an area of life that is important to me.

Actually, on second thoughts...

In other news, I voted for the first time for Australian Idol tonight (once for Casey, once for Courtney, if I must reveal those cards also). Why? Because the trifecta from hell of Howard, Bush and Anthony would see me slashing my wrists before the end of November. And my death would render all this Honours application-writing completely useless, among other inconveniences. So I allowed myself to be in-sucked into spending the money that I do not have, once more.

(And I tried Passion Pop the other week, too - talk about totally selling out. Actually, it was quite nice. But shh.)


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