Sunday, November 14, 2004

They should release dogs without bumholes.

I say this as I look at my sausage dog (L-O-L-A Lola, like the Kinks song) lying beside me, placid and sweet as she snoozes infront of the heater. I know that any moment now, when she is sufficiently relaxed, her anal glands (yes, unlike humans, dogs have anal glands - they do the same job as the hose does on slip 'n slide-type water toys) will let out the most acerbic, nauseating, haunting stench, to which my only response will be to gag and rush her outside in a flurry of repulsion. You'll be patting her, cooing at her, she'll look rumpled and sleepy - and then, she skunks. It's really quite a barrier in our relationship. Kind of like how Buffy and Angel could never get together, lest Angel experience total happiness and then... Well, I didn't watch the show. But you know what I'm talking about.

Meanwhile, my other dog, Pip the whippet, has hurt his leg, so he had to wear a bandage last night. He was so cute! Dogs dressed up as humans, it never ceases to amuse. There's nothing like projecting human emotions and attributes onto animals. It's surely the lowest of the low, of course, as far as humour is concerned. Even so, I do indulge in this low-brow activity. Like this calendar I saw once in Borders, which had pictures of frogs with hats on - I titter everytime I think of it. Heheh... one was wearing a floral dress, too. Ahh, stupid-looking frogs. Pure gold.

(I would post about something other than my dogs, but they're really all I have at the moment.)


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