Wednesday, April 20, 2005

so, the new pope has stated that he thinks one of the greatest enemies in the world is relativism. i can dig that. a truth is a truth for everyone, right? (been reading badiou, has shaded my response to the announcement of the new pope.)

for whatever reason, even though i find (among other things) their conception of god to be downright silly, i can't shake my interest in the catholic church. nor am i sure that i should. likewise, i can't shake my interest in parliamentary politics, even though its results are predetermined.

on another note, i'm thinking of looking into setting up a badiou reading group. thinking of thinking about considering setting one up. i'm not sure what the response will be, but i've torn through his Ethics in the last two weeks, so perhaps this is as good a thing as any to treat as 'my' student political encounter. after all, i hear that even my rather erudite walter benjamin, adorno-reading thesis supervisor started an althusser reading group in his student days...

[off to read about the new pope, and ponder.]


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