Monday, December 27, 2004

Just quickly: has mark k-p changed his position on St Paul recently? Two months ago, when posting (what I understand to be) his first few big posts on Gnosticism,(including this beauty on The Passion of the Christ ) I think Paul was linked in with the odious orthodox/Catholic position of the early church. More recently, however, he (well, Pauline literature) has been linked with the notion of the 'agape', and Zizek's championing of the 'subversive core of Christianity'. Is this really a change in position? Or two different opinions for two different matters (one for 'historical matters' - the squashing of the Gnostic tradition - and one for Badiou's take on St Paul)?

[apologies for clumsy typing - this foreign screen and keyboard are just no good.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no, catherine, you're right... i totally changed my view...had the 'standard' anti-Paul view (was it Nietzsche who started this I wonder?).. but the Badiou book and Zizek a massive revelation.... quite astonishing what's there in Paul's writings...

Mark k-p

8:37 am  

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