Saturday, September 09, 2006

And Now For Some Good News

From The Age: Pitt: I can't marry Angie

"Actor Brad Pitt says he will not marry Angelina Jolie until restrictions on gay marriage are lifted, the star said in an interview released today."

Not only attractive but ethical too! What more could you want in a celebrity couple? Brad and Angelina for King and Queen of the world! Adopt us all, great Über-folk!


In other news, one of the kids I am babysitting is reading a picture book entitled Hair in Funny Places. Poor child. At least the book has the decency to portray hormones as ugly, hairy, nasty creatures that will wreak havoc and chaos upon the body. I'm glad they are upfront about this. Run free and topless, children, while you still can...

But not while I'm babysitting or anything. Not now. I'm not that kind of babysitter...


Blogger naridu said...

Brangalina for Presidency I say! The worlds ills would be cleaned up no worries under the combined might of star power, and then we could all gaze at their beauty in adoring gratitude.

too much? per-haps.

6:28 pm  
Blogger Sean Carter said...

Angelina Jolie; The name makes me go nuts... I found some cool stuffs at this Christmas Blog. Check it out guys..

4:35 pm  
Blogger Susanne said...

I don't really get the Pitt-Jolie thing. Both of them were quite happy to get married before, so why not now?

1:55 am  

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