Friday, March 23, 2007

So, I'm now a few weeks to Honours, and not nearly as far into Difference and Repetition as I should be. Current page count: 46 down, (=304-46) to go.

Furthermore, I hadn't realised that actually what I needed to have under my belt before reading this text was an inhumanly firm grasp on the entire history of philosophy in all its nuances. Thus, my 'things to look up' list now includes:

- philosophical discussions of genus and species;
- differential calculus;
- Aristotle on difference, genus, Being etc. --> (Metaphysics);
- Duns Scotus' philosophy;
- Leibniz's philosophy.

Furthermore, it seems that it has been an oversight that I have not yet learned Latin and Ancient Greek.

Back to work, I suppose.


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