Sunday, May 18, 2003

The beats in this song throw me (Madonna, "American Life"). They're thudding and deep though, make me shuffle for a second... French house, Mirwais - this guy kills me. His bootleg of his own song, his chopped up, clean acoustic guitars, the sliced-up synthesiser.
Not much can be said for this rap. It was done in "Vogue", the spoken word worked in "Rain", where the superficial profundities ran together to create an alluring general effect. But the line, "nothing is what it seems"? Just doesn't quite cut it.
(I'm giving up trying to write this thing properly.)
I'm still in the house, still in pyjamas. Listening to "Narcotic" by Liquido. I vaguely remember the song from 1999... Pulp-style vocals, triumphant analogue synthesiser, alterna-rock aesthetic, reminiscent of Ash or even Elastica.


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