Sunday, October 03, 2004

2 things:

1. I wish there were no television in this house. It sucks my time, and it chatters in the background all the time. I know that all I need do in order to avoid this is to move out of my house, but then I'd be committing myself to other things that I'd rather not commit myself to so soon: namely, paying bills, rent, buying groceries... all those daily grind, bourgeois shackles... Whereas if I live in the lap of unearned luxury (i.e. the family home), I am able to ... live in a half dream-state. Commitments - work et cetera - punctuate the day, hold it in place, give it a shape. The tide draws me to this shapelessness...

2. Even if I cannot make the television go away, I would appreciate days of 30 hours, so that I can have my fill of idleness, and then move to doing work.


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