Saturday, October 02, 2004

Hope you didn't mind the pics - I had a hare-brained idea about attempting to let this blog function as an accumulation of images, as part of a project to move away from language... Like I said, hare-brained, a reactionary response to the comprehension of the fact that there is no thought without language, that language is dissimulation, as it functions as a chain of metaphors... In other words, a freak-out induced by half-digested philosophy. I seem to be grudgingly accepting a kind of make-up embrace with language - after all, without it, 'I' am not really 'I', am I? ;-) And if only a subject through language, I suppose it isn't so wise to will 'my' own destruction by relinquishing that which defines me - driving over the cliff edge rather than 'approaching' it... No, it's "best" ('but how? but why?') not to get myself all into a contradictory lather by attempting to dissolve myself because of some romanticisation of the pre-linguistic, of inertia. At least, I think it is. And if 'I' think, then 'I' am, right? A new twist (personally speaking) on the old Cartesian existence-panic: surely it's contradictory to try and stop existing for my own good, is it not?

Oh, it's nauseatingly tautologous and contradictory at the same time, it really is. But that's what the stick figure drawings were part of. Indeed, they may well return, who knows. Or perhaps after writing 10,000 pages of text I'll begin to feel solid again.

It's all very confusing, I must say.


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