Sunday, November 13, 2005

I really like songs that feel like the soundtrack to a spaceship flying through space, in an adventurous way, possibly in the manner of a 1980s film or video game soundtrack. Victorious, conquering - or perhaps searching, patrolling the endless black space, zooming and scouting for enemy craft.

In this category

Madonna, “Hung Up”

Starsailor, “Four to the Floor (Duke Remix)”

Aqua, “Cartoon Heroes”

Blondie, “Atomic”

The Knife, “Listen Now”

Also – in a spaceship, but this time the spaceship is just cruising

No Doubt, “It’s My Life”

Blondie, “Call Me”

(And if I really wanted to make this entry sound like a Dave Eggers short story, I would finish with some comment like: Of course this list is not exhaustive.)


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