Saturday, April 22, 2006

“Feel my heartbeat now… somehow

The best pop songs: express this contained amazement at total loss of control.


Blogger Intolerable Tim said...


Well, as we said, this is really the only way of keeping in contact with any regularity.

Have fun at George's? I got rather drunk and enjoyed myself immensely. It's quite bad really- I never used to look forward to getting drunk once a week every weekend. BUT I DO NOW. It says something very sad about the state of my psyche at the moment.

I have posted a few things this week- after all, I'm new to this- and am not getting any real interest. Rosannah thinks it's stupid and I am wasting my time. I'll show her!!! In response to this, and in true Nixon style, I'm setting up a BLOG enemies list. I've also got a post about good albums to listen to at 3am, something which you undoubtdely have an interesting opinion about. So contribute to my blog!!!!!

Currently doing an essay on Marx and Foucault- not about their relationship but how power, domination, conflict and emancipation are in both of their critical theories. It's basically a catch-all, choose two thinkers kinda question. Man, am I developing serious commodity fetishism reading about capitalism!
(ism ism ism ism ism ism ism ism)

What do you think about the budget? I plan on making a post on it if i get the time.

Hope to hear from you!

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