Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Best dream ever! Me and Margaret Pomeranz singing Patti Smith's "Frederick" together, with me on guitar.

And yes there has been an increase in 'filler material' on this blog. But I'm not quite sure yet as to how I should tackle in writing my increasing hatred of the government(s), and my feeling of powerlessness as arseholes carry on making important decisions that surely anyone could see are sneaky, dangerous and plain old bad and evil. Presumably I should begin by researching and publishing facts and analyses of their dastardly deeds on this blog, along with insights into how x and y are complicit with this. That is, I should apply my knowledge and learning. Laziness and uncertainty (which I'm not big on embracing, despite all appearances) are obstacles to this at present, however.

Presumably I should be combatting my feelings of powerlessness by thinking of theorists that tell us that power and change come from a multitude of small actions and events, and not one-off revolutions. Breathe in, Catherine, breathe out, keep your cool... Think of Badiou... This is not how things must be...


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