Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Reasons for Believing that Being Content Is Justified Behaviour

aka The Logics of Rationalised Contentment

Part one in a (semi-regular) series of examples

1. Sam in the City: Guess who's having less sex than you?

So, you're having problems? So is everyone. You are part of a phenomenon! You are not alone. Don't hide from your problems. Problems are good and natural - and ultimately, what we all have in common!

Someone I know had a problem, and this is what she said about it. Lots of people feel like this!

There are averages. You can compare yourself to the average. Some people are way above average! But you'd expect that they would be, wouldn't you?

Here is what a celebrity said! I know you'd usually think of celebrities of being really different to you, but actually, they also have problems too.

It's funny, isn't it - we both think about this problem a lot, right? Go on, we all do it.


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