Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm not feeling terribly productive today. I got off to a good start - at uni circa 12:30pm, with some speedy note typing-up while on the computers in the library that you need to book to use. It must be the sense of urgency and limited time that led me to work solely on the task at hand. For now that I have a laptop all to to myself, I have spent the afternoon in extended time-frittering.

Some of it was spent looking at the webpages of word processing programs that I might consider using instead of Word while writing my thesis.* I was imagining how nice it would be to do work with those interfaces. Similarly, I spoke with a friend over coffee about the virtues of reading philosophy quickly. 'Imagining the pleasures of work instead of working': pretty standard procrastinatory fare.

Oh and look, now it's 5pm - time to leave the library.

* Alas, this one is only for Macs.

Difference and Repetition page count: 76 down, 228 to go.


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