Saturday, May 22, 2004

hello stranger.

yeah, i'm posting, so obviously it's essay writing time again. i'm not pausing to really think this post out, so it will be a little... well, loose, shall we say. i'm just up in the middle of the night at the same desk i have posted from in the past, albeit with a different essay (or set of essays) lurking in the background.

this one's on structuralism and post-structuralism - kind of broad. they're the sort of movements/schools of thought that i've, til now, largely only considered through secondary reading - in 'overview'-type books. reading some of the original stuff now (saussure's course in general linguistics, levi-strauss' stuff, barthes... even derrida's of grammatology), i am starting to grasp why this all made such a big bang. metaphysically speaking, i can see the new approach to the thinking of history it inaugurated...

and making these sorts of "wow, i am seeing the big picture" observations always leads me to wonder why the hell i am studying in the first place. just a small crisis of motivation. it often resolves itself as i am able to answer the inevitable "why?"... i wonder if i'll ever ask it and find that there is no reason 'why'. (!)

off to participate in market research in the morning. i wonder if i'll talk about roland barthes. it would seem appropriate.

other events include the fact that i am in love. yes - love! oh it's crazy. who would've thought. and to think that other people have been in love too... the remarkable thing that is life, *sigh*

(essay writing does this to you.)