Monday, January 31, 2005

haven't posted for awhile / am still avoiding the world, though i have made some progress in the last week: a 3-hour exam on existentialism completed in a dusty, 1970s-seeming room 'up on high' in the menzies building of monash university (the 9th floor: the philosoph library. all the major tomes of hundreds and thousands of years in glass cabinets; an archaic, card-based filing system.) i've found myself involved with the tennis; i've paid over $240 in library fines; i've drunk beer in oppressive heat near a pool while noting to friends (particularly the ones that follow politics) how it seems as though the word 'patriotic' has been thrown around more than ever this year, around Australia Day - particularly in relation to BBQs. many events, really.

i've also toyed with the idea of taking 6 months or a year off uni. but i haven't felt very much inclined to post here, though i've been scribbling other notes to myself.

reading: Nausea, Kafka's Diaries, Being and Nothingness, Lacan's "The Mirror Stage as [blah blah blah] of the Function of the I...", "Africa Wall" (from a selection of Australian Short Stories found lying on the study floor, covered in dust).