Saturday, June 12, 2004

am i allowed to do this?

here is the final paragraph from the essay i handed in on thursday, that i wrote in a state of ecstatic delirium and which still tickles me a little pink. i talk about my essays so much, they may as well make a cameo:

Rather than antithesis, post-structuralism is the ultimate point of structuralism. It is not ‘ultimate’ in the sense of a high-point or an apotheosis, however. An apotheosis is, literally, the elevation of someone to divine status. Post-structuralism, on the other hand, is an ‘ultimate point’ in the manner of the shattering of the Tower of Babel. It marks the occasion, after all, of the failure of great structures to reach an ultimate truth; it follows the last attempt at this truth, and is the dawn of disintegration, multiplicity and heterogeneity. We may no longer speak the one language or find a single, unified structure, as we are without the presence of these great builders, structuralist anthropologists and readers of myth. Even so, we may still build and be productive – it is just that the linguist is no longer a scientist, but a bricoleur looking to make very good, strategic use of the rubble of the Tower of Babel.

i also described deconstruction as "critical judo" (teehee), and included a quote from the collection of interviews, points..., in which derrida states that deconstruction "never proceeds without love." heheh. oh, jacques, you amuse me so.

(along the travels of my essay writing, i found this collection of derrida photos. good god...)


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