Saturday, June 12, 2004

for all of those worried about my health, good news: i finished an essay, got some sleep, and my eye has nearly stopped twitching (now there's an alarming sleep deprivation-related involuntary mannerism that i'm glad i didn't develop during term-time.) only three more to complete in the next week: one on walter benjamin and greek tragedy, one on "how 'modern' and 'european' is totalitarianism?", and another on the influence of hegel in sartre's being and nothingness and de beauvoir's second sex uh-huh, you say... a week...

meanwhile, the good k-punk has mentioned me in a post: i feel all giddy. oh, the egalitarian world of the blog... "i'm gonna make it after all..." and so on.

does this image fill you with gooey nostalgia? me too. i found an interview with one of the writers for the series, lary detillio. turns out that many of the she-ra characters were named for their toys - indeed, as i read somewhere else, the series was sold cheaply to tv stations as it was more or less a glorified advertisement for the toys that mattel was putting out. he-man was the first series to be release at the same time as its merchandise... at which i wipe away a little tear of joy. mmm, post-modern production of culture in the 1980s...


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