Sunday, October 03, 2004

I know this isn't exactly 'breaking news', but the minor parties in the Aussie election seem to have blogs. There's one on the Greens page for people involved in their campaign... But more interesting, I find, is Andrew Bartlett's, the Democrat leader. Check out this, for example:

When I was in my late teens I used to wander around the streets a lot late at night, with a bunch of schoolmates, pondering in a suitably angst ridden way about the pointlessness (or otherwise) of life. I can’t believe what long distances we used to walk doing that – as I've got older I've got wiser and realised it takes so much less energy to just lounge on the couch pondering about the pointlessness (or otherwise) of life. Even the angst seems a bit too much energy to bother with these days.

How perfect is that, for the leader of a political party? Mmm, nihilistic politicians...

I must say, I do have a bit of a soft spot for the fucked-up old Democrats... There's something about the Greens that makes my skin crawl, there really is. It's all too nice. (Don't ask me to substantiate that comment.) And self-righteous - check out the picture of the cute little kid holding the 'No War in Iraq' poster on their front page - cringey cringe.

[My apologies if this seems a very distracted post - it is. I'm scrolling through other pages in a half-interested, hungover fashion, so all these sentences are a little 'still-born', if I may use such a dramatic phrase for such mundanity.]

In sum, I like the Democrats because they're losers. Goodnight.


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