Tuesday, June 15, 2004

goshdarnit, "grandpa anarchism" (as he is described here) - noam chomsky, that is - has a blog. it's called "turning the tide"... hmm. i really got into him in year 12 or so - or at least i wanted to. but then again, looking on my old, busted year 12 laptop the other night, i noticed that i had a folder of things on proudhon, and i didn't even know who proudhon was, so i wouldn't trust my 17 year-old judgement...

(i gave a cliched speech once, ripped off from naomi klein's no logo, outside the state library, as i thought i was leading the revolution, the fire underground that couldn't be stopped... *sigh* i shouted indignantly, "that nike building, just up on swanston street" - at which point i stopped and pointed - "is a hub of exploitation..." it was only later that i realised that i had pointed in the wrong direction.)


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