Saturday, July 01, 2006

Must-hear single of 2006: Nelly Furtado, "Maneater". It is a giant track. It makes me want to dance in the hugest, most strident way possible. It is produced by Timbaland, with drums that make me punch the air and press every ounce of energy outwards.

(Its video does it no justice, however. Just Nelly Furtado floating around in a basement somewhere while looking for her cat. Yes, her actual cat. And for some reason there are lots of people there who start dancing with her. But not in the giant! mechanical! piston-like! way that the song demands. It was a wasted opportunity, to say the least.)

The album, Loose, doesn't even come out in this land-that-time-forgot until the 10th of July, so I don't know when we'll see this single. But when it does - I will have my dance ready (the song urges such giant movements, you see, that I run an even greater risk than usual of looking like a muppet while dancing).

Anyway, look forward to it. It will be big.

[In other news: still writing essays, ho-hum.]


Blogger Tim said...

Actually for some reason Loose is already on sale at Dirt Cheap CDs (Swanston Street, City) for $15.

"Maneater" is great, yes.

5:13 pm  
Blogger Elanor said...

Your description of appropriate dance movements could not be more, well, appropriate. Maneater IS great. I especially like it when it sounds to me like she's saying "Huffalump" in the middle of the chorus, even though she's not.

However, Promiscuous disappointed me when I saw it on Video Hits last week. It doesn't seem to have it. Although I fully support the whole "project" in a post-baby sense.

But I think I'm a 'second single' Furtado fan, in that I didn't like I'm Like A Bird but loved Turn Out The Lights, etc. If that follows. It makes sense in my own chronology, anyway.

So yes, now I have two Nelly Furtado songs on my iPod. GROWTH.

7:32 pm  

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