Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dear Essay on Lacan and Kristeva,

I noticed tonight while writing you that you don't seem to have any space in your introduction in which an overview of Freud's ideas can be given. This is remiss of you: after all, it is I, your writer, that will be chided for not having defined my terms properly, and launching into a discussion of Lacan and Kristeva without situating their ideas.

It really is too much for you to assume that I can just direct my readers to go away and do their research before putting their greedy eyes on my fine exposition. Even if it is the case - and you musn't share this with anyone - that I wish I could tell them to work out their own concise definitions of psychoanalytical terms before coming to me, begging for enlightenment when they have been, frankly, lazy.

In any case, I'll be seeing you soon. I hope you take these suggestions into account and include them in your body by the time we are next together.

Much love,



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