Thursday, June 07, 2007

I have just made a dubious analogy between Hegel's negativity and Saussure's account of meaning as being negatively-defined in a take home exam (1500 words on 9 pages of Hegel! Aah!) that is due tomorrow / later today.

I hope this is the last time I will ever have to trot out this 'point for all occasions'. It is a pat little thing that I figured out for a third-year essay I wrote in 2004. Admittedly, I did rather a lot of work on that essay. But since then, I have wheeled it out without thinking or trying to make any new observations in approximately one billion essays, class presentations and class discussions. It makes its appearance like Mick Jagger on stage: same tricks, same moves, no alteration, no originality. Just an energetic routine.

In other news, it is very late, I feel very strange, and my life has otherwise been consumed by Facebook.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so suassure & hegel's 'sense certainty' share the 'this is never just this' (because it's not that, not that, not that, & so forth) ... how much further does the analogy go?

this as opposed to the deer hunter, "this is this. fuckin' a!"

sam langer, cnzpong.

12:48 pm  
Blogger Catherine said...

I think that was as far as the analogy went. It was a pretty superficial essay.

Also, this is the cover of the new Penguin edition of Candide, which I thought you might like. It's drawn by a guy named Chris Ware, who seems interesting.

Click here.

2:52 pm  

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