Thursday, June 17, 2004

silly me - i only just realised that guy has a blog of his own.

meanwhile, exam in the morning, so am reading up on anarcho-syndicalism... who would've thought that a syndicalist (georges sorel) could've been a key influence in the development of fascism? not me, certainly. back in my 17-year-old socialist days, i thought that anarchism and fascism were worlds apart, that never the twain should meet. "ah, youth." (or some other such derogatory statement about my naive first interests in political theory.)

am reading dostoesvsky's notes from the underground, otherwise. that's my procrastination for the moment - it sums up the desire that i felt for absolute bitterness and denial last sunday. and last night, now that i come to mention it - i feel obliged to point out that i posted last night / yesterday morning while quite drunk. mmm, drinking alone in the depths of the night.

i'm also attempting to make my way through hegel's master and slave dialectic in his phenomenology of spirit. i have not yet accustomed myself to hegel's particular style of dialectic writing. there's a long road ahead of me... seeing as though i'm thinking of doing my honours on something hegel / nietzsche / deleuze-guattari related. ah, nuts.


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