Monday, July 31, 2006

Eight seconds into the Scissor Sisters' new track, "Don't Feel Like Dancing", there is a melodious tom fill. Suddenly, all is well in the world.

Which reminds me, I was able to make my first use of the term 'scissor sister' in everyday conversation on the weekend. While working my first shift at new job, being trained by my ex, at least five people asked if we were sisters (to which the answer, by the way, is no, we are narcissists). We laughed indulgently most of the time and avoided the subject. But one guy was persistent in his questioning, and my ex gave him the confusing answer: "Well, I suppose you could say we are a kind of sister". The questioner looked bamboozled, so I filled in the rest: "Scissor sisters". And all was clear! And compromising for all involved.

PS. My apologies for the diagram, for anyone who had the folly of following that Wikipedia link. It's true! It is unnatural! Er...


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