Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Of late I have often been assuring my friends, "don't worry, I'm not that sort of socialist."

But now I'm starting to worry. Perhaps I am that sort! I am hard-pressed to recall why I joined the ISO earlier in the year. Or to give an account of why being part of a socialist group is my answer to my internal imperative to "get political, political, I wanna get political, let's get political..." Those times that I have attempted to sell Socialist Workers, for instance, I have wanted to wear a big badge saying 'I'm Skeptical'. But then what good would my skepticism do? Certainly none for my image, if this is what I am worried about.

Was I really so swept away by the thought of the glamour of reading and discussing Luk√°cs with people who want to draw practical lessons from these texts? And apply them? Was it all about the card and the gesture of taking a stand?

None of which stops me, of course, from giving a talk / hosting a forum thingo with 'these people' (she says, distancing herself from the group of which she is part) in a few weeks, entitled "'You can't change anything except the channel!' The Australian media and the production of political apathy." Unfortunately, at this stage that title is just about all that I have. Hmm. Maybe I have become (or 'am'?) one of those people that I used to lambast - those that speak about things that they know nothing about. Well. There's only one thing to do about that, isn't there? I need to read!

Which is, of course, why I am posting on my blog. Er...


Blogger Catherine said...

Actually, that's not quite true. I can give reasons for my doing this, if pushed. I'm just not sure that they're good reasons.

2:59 am  

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